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Executive Program in Global Business Management


Today's managers need applicable knowledge and skills to navigate their organizations through an ever-changing and dynamic global business environment. The 12 month Executive Program in Global Business Management is designed to contribute to global management development within the structure and systems of organizational behavior, blending management theory and tools with practical insights and participation.

As an individual grows within an organization it is imperative at each step forward to add-on qualifications & skills that are commensurate with the role he is assigned. Participants will gain new insights from the reality-based case studies. As well as share and develop decision-making techniques with an influential group of peers. The concept of the program is simple and the impact far-reaching.

The program is designed in part to fill in gaps in the experience of executives as they seek to master their professional roles and prepare for new ones.

USP of the Program

The globalization of businesses is demanding a wider set of skills form its managers. The Indian job market in several industries is now putting a premium on ability of managers to handle global situations. This program is in its 4th edition now. It is a general management program offered in the online education domain. Broadly, the program develops and hones the perspective of managing in our organizations, though with some difference. Firstly, this program is uniquely positioned to educate executives about issues related to managing people and work in global organizations and businesses. Second, this program creates a differentiation in terms of focused delivery on topics related to global business management and international management. Third unique component of the program is a focused delivery on building managerial skills and developing a global mindset.


This program would give the participants a global perspective, i. e., various issues that come up and how organizations and other systems handle them.
The successful participants would form a set that is more equipped to handle situations of global businesses.Successful participants become IIMC-LDP alumni, which has its own sets of advantages for identity, brand value, and marketability of the participants.

Schedule & Duration

  • The EPGBM is of one year duration.
  • Tuesday : 6:45 – 9:45 pm and Saturday 09:00 – 12:00 pm

Profile & Documentation:

Graduation mark sheet & all experience documents

Core Value

Why should a student chose this Program & not others?

  • Recognized Certification from IIMC – the foremost B School in the country and reputed to be one of Asia's finest business schools
  • Over 280 hours of intensive learning intervention by renowned faculty from India & abroad through online interactive lectures
  • Face to face workshops with case studies and business simulations at the IIMC Campus
  • Peer learning through rich student profile & Networking opportunities.
  • Continue earning while you gain a high quality Certification and improve eligibility for better job profiles with a recognized certification
  • Competitive Price of 2.7 lacs (all inclusive) – This price for a program of this brand is not available in country today
  • Alumni membership of IIMC present globally – which has its own sets of advantages for identity, brand value, and marketability of the participants
  • Optional International Study Tour for Global Exposure


  • Highly Interactive
  • Theory & Practical Inputs
  • Case study approach.
  • Assignments, E-Learning, & Business Simulation

Student Feedback:

"I feel studying in IIMC is the most prestigious moment of my life. It has helped me to build my career based on a very strong foundation of education, values and business skills which is most required in today's competitive corporate world. The focus on case studies and the industry experience of faculty made me more practical which I find very useful in my official and personal life. The program at this business school possesses the potential to metamorphose academic skills into entrepreneurial skills. Thanks to EPGBM, I have shaped my career from where I can now take it further." – Vivek Trivedi, Cluster Head – Max New York Life

Who Should Attend

Junior & Middle level executives aspiring to become Global Managers


  • Applicants should be working professionals/self-employed
  • Graduates (10+2+3) in any discipline with min. 50% marks [aggregate- considering results of all years (e.g. 3 or 4 together)] recognized by UGC/AICTE.
  • Minimum 2 years and preferably below 12 years of work experience (full-time paid employment) post completion of graduation as on Application Closure Date.

Selection Process

  • Candidates will be selected based on their performance in entrance test. Interview may be conducted.
  • Entrance test will ascertain the participants' competency in English Language, Numerical Capabilities, Analytical Skills and IQ.

Program Fees

For Indian Students

Application Fee INR 2500/- +GST
Program Fee INR 3,16,000/- +GST
Registration Feee INR 9,500/- +GST
Campus Fee INR 54,000/- +GST
Total Fee INR 3,70,000/- +GST


  • IIMC invests a lot to maintain high quality of program delivery. The student fee includes all the course material which is books, simulations and cases, certification and alumni membership for IIMC.
  • GST is applicable on all the above fees at the rate prevalent at the time of payment
  • Program fees are payable online or through DD drawn in favour of "Hughes Global Education India Limited".
  • Campus fee includes Books/ Study Materials Fee for the complete program.
  • Fee once paid is neither refundable nor transferable towards any other student/program/batch

Application Closure Date:

06th March 2020

Entrance Test:




Date of Announcement of Selection List

As per Offer letter

Fee Payment Deadline:

As per Offer Letter

Class Start Date:

21st March 2020

Campus Dates:

To Be Announced

Class End Date:

April 2021


Installment Details

Installment Date Amount INR Amount USD
I As per Offer Letter INR 79,000/- +GST
II May 2020 INR 79,000/- +30,000/- +GST
III August 2020 INR 79,000/- +GST
IV November 2020 INR 79,000/- +24,000/- +GST

Program Details


  • Conceptual framework of National Accounting & Major differences between countries in economic approaches to Financial reporting
  • Understanding Financial Statements
    • Statement of Financial Position
    • Statement of Comprehensive Income
    • Preparation and presentation of financial statements in compliance with IFRS convergence
    • Interpretation of Statement of Cash Flows
    • Select Corporate Accounting Policies: Implications of IFRS convergence
    • Accounting Issues related to Foreign Currency
  • Understanding and determining Cost flows with the perspective to make decisions
  • Financial Statements Analysis to impart the basic Analytical tools
  • Introduction to Finance, Financial Markets and Systems
  • Valuation of equity
  • Debt Instruments and valuation
  • Cost of capital
  • Capital Investment decision
  • Raising long term finance
  • Forex market
  • Parity conditions and Estimation of exchange rates
  • Introduction to derivatives
  • Strategies for Risk management

Human Resource Management

  • The Context and Challenge.
    • External and Internal factors.
    • Organizational and Individual Perspective.
    • HRM System.
  • Recruitment and Selection.
    • Forecasting
    • Sources for recruiting
    • Selection Process and Methods
  • Training and Development
    • Training Plan and Process
    • Methods
    • Evaluation
    • Career Development
  • Performance Appraisal
    • Control and Motivation Needs.
    • Purpose, Process, Outcomes.
    • Feedback, Developmental Appraisal.
  • Compensation Systems
    • Wage Determination
    • Pay Policy, Pay level, and Structure Decisions
  • Pay for Performance.
  • Strategic HRM
    • Theoretical Inputs- RBV, TCE views.
    • Fit, Flexibility, and Best practices.
    • Aligning HR Strategy with Business Strategy
  • International HRM
  • Global Recruitment, Management of Expatriates, Repatriation
  • Designing International Compensation Packages
  • Developing Global Talent

Organizational Behaviour

  • Micro OB
    • Introduction to OB
    • Job Attitude
    • Perception and Attribution
    • Leadership
  • Macro OB
  • Organization Structure- basics
  • Advanced form of organizing
  • Technology in organizing
  • Organizational culture and organizational learning
  • Inter-organizational linkages and environment
  • OD
  • Foundations of OD and Managing OD process
  • OD Interventions – 1
  • OD interventions -2 and Key considerations and issues in OD

Marketing Management

  • Basics of marketing, and market information system
  • Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  • Understanding buyer and consumer behaviour
    • Individual buyers
    • Organizational buyers
  • Developing suitable products
  • Managing Communication, Promotion
  • Managing marketing Channels effectively and Pricing
  • Services Marketing
  • Sales and sales force management
  • International Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing plan and audit


  • Model of a market
    • Markets and competition
    • Demand
    • Supply
    • Consumer surplus
    • Producer surplus
    • Market efficiency
  • Externalities and market inefficiency
    • Negative externalities
    • Positive externalities
    • Private solutions to externalities
    • Public goods and common resources
  • Profit maximization in competitive markets
    • The costs of production
    • Total revenue, total cost, and profit
    • Economic profit versus accounting profit
    • The production function
    • Fixed and variable costs
    • Average and marginal cost
    • What is a competitive market?
  • Macro Economics
    • Monopoly
    • Monopolistic competition
    • Advertising
    • The nature of macroeconomic analysis
  • Introducing fiscal and monetary policies
    • Fiscal policy
    • Debt and deficits
    • The great recession
    • Refinancing in favourable market conditions
    • The housing market
    • The story of mortgage finance

Operations Management

  • An Overview of Operations Management
  • Process Analysis
  • Efficient Planning for Operations
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Application of Simulation in OM
  • Decision Tree Applications
  • Quality Management
  • Application of Linear and Integer Programming
  • Application of Linear and Integer Programming
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Global Operations Strategy
  • Global Supply Chain Management Practices
  • Global Operations Strategy & Management
    • Business process re-engineering

International Business Environment

  • Understanding trade, multilateral trade and the World Trade Organization (WTO)
  • Multilateral trade agreements
    • GATT and GATS Agreements
    • TRIPS and TRIMS agreements
  • Regional trading arrangements of India
    • FTA
    • Indo-ASEAN Trade

Information Technology (with a view to understand need for business, decision making)

  • Setting the context
  • Top Down strategic planning approaches
    • Need to plan IT strategically
    • Critical Success Factors Approach
    • Value Chain Approach
  • Internal Systems Approaches
    • System Audit Matrix
    • Inside-out Innovation Approach
  • Understanding BPR
    • Understanding process analysis
    • Framework for process reengineering
  • Understanding IT in global organizations
    • Enabling global business strategy through IT
    • Practical issues in global IT management

Managerial Skills

  • Self Awareness Skills 1 and 2
    • To understand the self and increase awareness about own actions and behaviours
  • Communication Skills
    • What mistake managers make, and how to improve on our skills
  • Motivating Skills
    • Motivating the individuals and teams to give their best
  • Leadership Skills
    • Understanding the parables of leaderships
    • Various types of leadership
    • Leading people
    • Become an effective leader
  • Teaming skills
    • Working with teams
    • Creating teams that perform
  • Problem Solving Skills
    • Problem solving for better decision making
    • Analysing in a framework suitable for presentation

Strategic Management

  • Industry and competitive analysis
    • Understanding of framework to analyse industry and competition therein
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Evaluation of Strategy
  • International business strategy
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Entry strategies
  • Strategies for international competition

Developing A Global Mindset

  • Understanding about mindset
    • Unboxing "Global Mind set"
  • Understanding cross cultural management
  • Basic framework for cross cultural management
    Culture general or culture Specific

  • Basic tenets to succeed as an international manager
  • Communication
    Understanding of others
    Understanding of self

  • Appreciating cultural differences
  • Understanding various cultural clusters
    Tips for success
    Second round of debate on culture specific vs. culture general vs. theory

  • Discussion for some tricky situations
  • Closure and moving on

Learning Experience

"I feel studying in IIM-C is the most prestigious moment of my life and has helped me to build my career based on a very strong foundation of education, values and business skills which is most required in today's competitive corporate world." The focus on case studies and the industry experience of faculty made me more practical which I find very useful in my official and personal life. Thanks EPGBM, you have shaped my career from where I could take further. "The program at this business school possesses the potential to metamorphose academic skills into entrepreneurial skills."

Name: Vivek Trivedi
Course & Batch: EPGBM -Batch-11

It is indeed a pleasure joining the Course of Executive Program in Global Business Management by IIMC through Hughes Education. Hughes has opened up great value addition for people who are working and wants to do certification in MBA from premier institutes. Though the duration is of 1 year but course is intense & covers major subject of business administrations. Hughes allows students to attend the course all over India & hence for students its flexible in terms of attending the classes anywhere in India. Instead of attending lectures from home , the center model of attending class is very good. Hughes being technology partner should need to upgrade the technology other than that I am happy to be a part of EPGBM 04.

Name: Naitik Vyas
Course & Batch: EPGBM -Batch-12

Program Directors

Prof. Abhishek Goel, Prof. Partha Ray, Prof. R. Rajesh Babu and selected Faculty from IIM Calcutta

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