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Executive Programme in Leadership & Management


Businesses across the world operate today in increasingly dynamic conditions, often in turbulent environments that create opportunities that are often unprecedented for organizations, but it also introduces new risks, uncertainties and vulnerabilities. Leading and managing organizations in these circumstances require senior management of organizations to handle ambiguities, anticipate social and political shifts, grapple with technological (often digital) as well associo- political and ecological disruptions, while addressing the classical managerial issues of efficiencies, dealing with competition and presiding over systems of control and accountability. This raises new tradeoffs that need to be managed. It requires developing an understanding of new economics underlying competitive dynamics in a networked age, familiarizing oneself with new ways of organizing, new forms of work, and enabling collaborations within and beyond organizations.

The programme aims to develop and work on the ability to leaders and senior managers to think strategically as they help organizations chart their course in the turbulent environments they operate in. Visualizing strategic moves, identifying allies and inducing collaborations, managing fast growth, creating organizational resilience, nurturing people etc. would be some dimensions that will be explored in this course.


  • Prestigious certification from IIMC
  • Face to face workshops with Case studies, content and business simulations at the IIMC Campus
  • Renowned faculty from India & Abroad for online interactive lectures

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